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Donating Items For Animal Shelter



**You can help by donating items**

A few days ago we spoke with Ms. Judie Nichols, Director of the Colbert County Animal Shelter. Our local animal shelter is located at 5010 Missouri St, Tuscumbia, AL. Most of you know that animal shelters everywhere are over crowded and run on a minimal budget. We would like to take this time to remind everyone that monetary donations can be made to the Colbert County Animal Shelter by mail or in person at the address listed above. Also there are many ways that we all can help other than giving money. We asked Ms. Nichols if there were any items that could be donated that would benefit them and their facility. She says they would gladly take items if someone wanted to drop them off there at the shelter. If the shelter is closed when you arrive you may leave the items at the door and they will be taken inside as soon as someone arrives. The COLBERT COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE is donating a big rubbermaid storage container to be used as a "drop off box" if you want to leave items at night or on weekends. The box should be in place by next week and you can just remove the lid from the storage container and place your items inside. The shelter will check the drop off box each morning.

The following is a list of items that the shelter uses on a regular basis:

Dog Food / Cat Food
Paper Towels
Clorox Wipes
Cat Litter
Laundry Detergent

Also, one thing most of us would not think of is "vienna sausages" .... the sausages are used to give the animals their medicine. Medicine in pill form can be pushed down into a sausage and the animal will eat the treat without knowing the pill is inside. This is a great way to trick the pet into taking medicine and saves the caregivers alot of time.

The Animal Shelter is always willing to take items you might want to donate. They appreciate anything that can be done to help. We also appreciate the jobs they do and we understand they are under funded and over crowded with pets. They have a difficult job and we hope the public might be able to remember from time to time to grab just a few extra items when you shop and drop them off at the shelter. While you are there go inside and visit .... Fido and Frisky would love to see you and you might just make a new friend.

You can go to Facebook and view the Colbert County Animal Shelter page at the link below: