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Sex Offenders


In order to better serve the citizens of Colbert County, we are dedicating this page on our website to provide links for the citizens to do quick searches for registered sex offenders.

Our website is operated and maintained by our office staff as an additional convenience for the public. Since the State of Alabama already provides Sex Offender public information, we use this page to give our citizens convenient internet links that will take you to the STATE and NATIONAL registry pages.

After taking office, I began to study the most efficient computer software systems available, and we have now integrated our office files onto computer. This computer software is called "OFFENDER WATCH" .... Offender Watch is a website used by the State Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA). This software sends updates electronically to the State of Alabama. The State of Alabama then in turn updates the National Registry. I feel like this is a much more efficient method than the old paper mailings that had always been done. This provides the quickest communication between our County and the State of Alabama.

Also, OFFENDER WATCH software does the community notifications for us. For a small fee OFFENDER WATCH mails our notices out by U.S. mail. If for any reason a neighborhood feels like the 911 addresses that are used happen to not include a home, please let us know. If you feel your address was not included we will be glad to check and get you the proper notice.

There are multiple websites that provide this information free to the public. We are providing the most popular links below for you to use. These websites include the ability to search by the following methods:

  • Name of the Sex Offender
  • Distance from your address

When using the "Distance from your address" method you will enter your own address and a map will display the locations within a certain radius from your home. Each offender on that map will be listed below the map with their detailed information. This method is extremely useful for citizens who live close to the county line, because you can also see offenders from the neighboring counties.

Click the links below to be forwarded to Sex Offender Registry pages.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) Sex Offender Registry Page

U.S. Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry Page

Offender Watch Sex Offender Registry Page