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Teenage Social Media Safety Issues


Teenagers and Social Media Safety Issues

In today's world there are many different areas of concern for parents and guardians raising children. These areas such as internet social media were not even developed when we adults were young. For many adults today, some of these social media applications are still unknown or unused. You may be a Facebook user today, and able to see this article we are printing now. But unless you are a current user of the other internet apps used by teenagers, and have an account on these networks, you may not be aware of how they work or what hazards children can come across as they participate in online activity.

There are many websites that offer information to adults who are interested in learning more about the safety issues and concerns of online teenage activity. Parents, guardians, and teachers may do online searches through any search engine and find many sites that will give advice. One of those sites we have found is listed below ( You can click this link below to learn how many different types of social media outlets your children could be using that you may not even be aware of.

If you have questions or concerns about what your children might be seeing, doing, or who they could be meeting online without your knowledge, feel free to contact our office, or any local law enforcement agency to ask questions. Also, your children's school teachers, principals, and guidance counselor's would be of great help to you as well. Our Sheriff's Office has school resource officers that work in our Colbert County schools. These deputies would also be glad to talk to any parent or guardian that has questions about teenagers and social media.

Local television station WAFF recently did an article on this same subject. One piece of advice that they stated was that some children have been known to have two different Facebook accounts. One for their parents to see and one secret account for their friends to see. Also, WAFF stated that many children have abandoned using Facebook due to the fact that their parents or other family members now have Facebook accounts. You may think having your own account will allow you to monitor your child's activity, however, your child could be using various other accounts that you are not aware of.

Click below for a few tips and do other searches online to locate other articles that might help as well. Educate yourself on these topics so you are better prepared to deal with these issues.

Click Here: Family Education Online Website