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Prentiss Co, Mississippi ESCAPED Inmates sighted in our county


UPDATE on Prentiss County, Mississippi

Escaped Inmates


Many people have asked for updates on the search of their community on Riverton Rose Trail and the Eagle Point Subdivision area. We still have many agencies assisting in a joint effort on the search at this time. There has been no contact with the two remaining escapees today, but we are still searching the area. We appreciate all the cooperation from the local citizens who have allowed us to search their land, homes, and cars as they pass through this area. This is for the safety of our communities, which is our top priority at this time. Since there has been no contact or sighting today we do ask that everyone remain guarded and keep a close watch around your house and your parked cars. We will be posting names and photos and physical descriptions of the two remaining subjects in our next post. If anyone has any information or sees anything suspicious, do not hesitate to call 911 and inform a dispatcher of the details you have. Strange cars driving back & forth in your area or anyone you do not know that is walking on foot should be reported. There are patrols being made but we can not be at all places at all times, so we appreciate your watching your community and your neighbors yards as well. For the next few days we do recommend that citizens in Northwest Colbert County remain indoors after dark, and keep your doors locked. This is good judgement in any situation like this. Our deputies, Investigators, Sheriff Williamson and Chief Heffernan are spending long hours on scene, along with all the officers from the other agencies that are assisting. This is mostly a heavily wooded area, we have killed snakes and dealt with ticks and heat/humidity and other natural problems that areas like this have. This is not an easy job, so we want to thank all the help from all agencies involved. Tips or sightings can be called into the Sheriff's Office @ 256-383-0741 or by dialing 911.



Mugshots of the three escaped inmates David Glasco, John Brown, and Mark Lindsey (captured).