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Covid-19 Precautions


For Health Precautions, as advised by
State & Federal Authorities for limiting social
contact, the Colbert County Commission
has closed the Courthouse with only a few
exceptions. The following list will help citizens
know what is still available at the courthouse
thru May 4th. However, please know that YOUR
Sheriff's Office is a 24/7 Department. You can
always get assistance during emergencies or
if you need advice. (256-383-0741)

The following list helps citizens know what is
available at the courthouse during this nationwide
problem with the Covid-19 Virus.  With strict
regulation and protection of our citizens we
hope to prevent what has occurred in other
areas of our State & Country. Be Safe - A small
difference in normal life now can prevent bigger
issues later.

*Gun permit applications can be filled out
online only. Then we will contact you after
May 4th to come pick up your permit (No in
office permits at this time)

*Any reports that citizens need can be done by
having a deputy come to your house. Call
dispatch at 256-386-8550 to have reports done
at your home

*All jail visitations are canceled until further notice

*Protection From Abuse orders are still available.
When you arrive at the courthouse tell the guard
at the entrance that you need a PFA and you will
be allowed to speak to the court clerks

*Sex Offender registration is still available. Tell the
guard at the entrance that you are there to do
your quarterly registration

*Court restitution payments can still be made. Tell
the guard at the entrance you are there to make
payments. You will have to call the clerk's office
to get your case # and you can place your payment
in a drop box that has been placed at the door to
the clerk's office at the top of the stairs. Put your
name & Case # with your payment. (256-386-8511)

*For questions about Probate Judge's Office and
vehicle tags etc you can call (256-386-8542)

*Revenue Commission Offices (256-386-8531)

*District Attorney's Office (256-386-8520)