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1896 - 1900

Ben Grisham was the brother of Shelby Grisham. Little is known about Ben.

He was born on October 18, 1845 in Franklin County, Alabama. He was a Private with Company C, 2nd Tennessee Calvary of the Confederate State of America. Mr. Grisham died on August 2, 1907.

In an obituary from The Alabamian Dispatch dated August 8, 1907, the following information was taken:

"Mr. Ben Grisham died at his home in East Florence last Friday evening at 7:00 o'clock, and his remains were laid in the Florence Cemetery Sunday morning at 11 a.m. He was buried with the rites of the Mason Fraternity - a large number from this city going over. Mr. Grisham was 68 years old and was for several years a resident
of this city. He served as deputy sheriff in this county during the time his brother Mr. Shelby Grisham was Sheriff after which he was elected to the office and served as Sheriff for four years. He was a faithful officer and a good citizen. He was also a confederate veteran having volunteered with his brother and joined the second Tennessee Calvary, he was with his brother when he met his death on the battlefield at the battle of Harrisburg. He was under Gen. Forrest when he captured Athens and also accompanied him when he made
his raid into Memphis. Mr. Grisham is survived by his wife and three sons William, Shelby, and Benjamin and two daughters Mrs. J. Z. Leatherwood of this city and Mrs. Thomas Slocum of Detroit, Michigan. He is also survived by one brother and sister. Mr. Shelby Grisham of this city and Mrs. Mattie Hill who lives near Russellville.

"Mr. Grisham had been in declining health for some time and his death was not unexpected by his family and friends. A good clever citizen has gone to his eternal rest; peace to his ashes. The Alabamian-Dispatch extends sincere sympathy to his bereaved family and loved ones."

There is some discrepancy about how Mr. Ben Grisham was at his death as his date of birth and death do not
support his age being 68.

In checking with the Florence Cemetery, we could not find a record of Mr. Grisham's grave but that would not be uncommon since his marker (which is probably in the Civil War section) could have weathered over the years and been unreadable when records were made of all buried in Florence Cemetery. A marker recognizing
Ben Grisham has been placed in the Ramsey Cemetery in Franklin County.

Pictures of Ben Grisham are from comparing facial features where he was known to be in a picture.

Newspaper accounts from The North Alabamian dated January 8, 1896, indicate that G. W. Leggett, J.B. Grisham, Young S. Harrington, and J. T. Vaughn had announced as candidates for Sheriff. There obviously were others that announced also in the intervening months.

Election results reported in The North Alabamian dated August 4, 1896 indicate that J. B. Grisham received 1887 votes to C. M. Wright who received 1680 votes. This was the largest vote pulled in the county. The next highest votes cast were for Governor and Representative.



Through facial comparison, it is believed that
this is Ben Grisham sitting in front of his brother
Shelby Grisham in Spring Park in Tuscumbia approximately 1896.
Picture obtained from Chief Tony Logan of Tuscumbia Police Department



Again by doing facial comparison and
measuring the eyes and nose, it is
believed that this is an older picture
of Ben Grisham at a Civil War Reunion in 1903