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1939 - 1947

"Otis H. McRight, prominent Sheffield citizen announces his candidacy for the office of Sheriff of Colbert County, subject to the action of the county voters in the May Primary.

Mr. McRight is at present a member of the Sheffield Police Personnel where he has served for the past four years with an excellent record as an efficient officer. He is well known throughout the county and has never before asked for public office at the hand of the voters.

Mr. McRight was engaged in the barber business in Sheffield and Tuscumbia before becoming a member of the police force. He is a World War veteran, having served two years in the service of his country.

He states, if elected, that he will serve efficiently and courteously, invoking law enforcement on all alike."

Information from Sheffield Standard, February 4, 1938


"First Sheffield Citizen ever elected Sheriff Otis McRight, successful candidate for office of Sheriff, today was receiving congratulations from all parts of the county for being nominated to this high office.

Mr. McRight has succeeded in an achievement that heretofore has been made only one Sheffield citizen, a Mr. Downs, a former resident of Sheffield elected to county office, according to Hayes Hooks, of Florence, a former resident of the county.

Mr. McRight's many friends in Sheffield, where he received slightly more than 80% of the votes cast in the election Tuesday, are particularly pleased because Sheffield is again to have one of its citizens to hold a high county office.

'Words do not convey my heartfelt thanks to the people of Colbert County who honored me Tuesday with the
nomination of Sheriff.

 'I shall exert every effort to render to those people every service and carry out my own platform plank of law enforcement on all alike without fear or favor when I assume the duties of this office.

'My every act will be to benefit the greatest number of people at all times and reflect credit upon those whose votes nominated me to this office. I feel that I will receive the unqualified support and cooperation of the people of this county and from the outset.

'Again I wish to express my deepest appreciation of this honor and assure all that I expect to be the Sheriff of all the people in the county and do my best to meet the obligations of the office.'"

Article from Sheffield Standard, June 17, 1938



Sheriff McRight at his desk in Sheriff's Office