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Criminal Investigations

Investigators for the Colbert County Sheriff's Office


Chief Investigator Tyler Evans


Roger Denton.jpg

Lieutenant Investigator Roger Denton



Sergeant Investigator Wheeler Lovelady


Administrative Deputies for the Colbert County Sheriff's Office


Captain of Operations Jonathan Harkins


Captain Tim Vanderford - SORNA


Patrol Supervisors 

  • Lt. Deshannon Bowlling
  • Lt. Jonathan Terry 
  • Lt. Jason Brewer
  • Sgt. Dan Coggins 
  • Sgt. Kenny Wallace
  • Sgt. Jessica Weeks 
  • Sgt. Johnny White 
  • Sgt. Michael Terrell

Sheriff Deputies 

Dep. Darren Green Dep. Alex Green  Dep. C.B. Carmack
Dep. Briggs Wright Dep. Austin Evans Dep. James Whitaker
Dep. Mark Whalen Dep. Michael Kumse  Dep. Hunter White
Dep. Alex Noles  Dep. Shaun Lindblom Dep. Amanda Boczar
Dep. Joshua Bradford Dep. Jamie Hamm  Dep. Carter Reed

School Resource Officers

Colbert County Sheriff's Office has four deputies that are employed as School Resource Officers. These deputies are a valuable part of our attempts to keep our children and school staffs safe. They are also responsible for handling civil disputes, crime against the schools, students, faculty and much more. We have amazing school systems in our county jurisdiction, Leighton (Colbert Co.), Cherokee, Colbert Heights, Hatton Elementary, and New Bethel Elementary. Each of these schools have multiple buildings on their campuses that range in use from Elementary schools all the way thru High School. They also have band halls, gymnasiums, and sports fields that make up their entire campus.

We are very proud of these Deputies and the many years of experience they add to our department.

  • Jim Berryman
    • 26 years of law enforcement
    • Colbert County Schools at Leighton
  • Henry Green
    • 21 years of law enforcement
    • Cherokee Schools
  • Kirk Jones
    • 35 years of law enforcement
    • New Bethel Elementary
  • Wesley Withers
    • 15 years of law enforcement and corrections
    • Colbert Heights Schools
  • Wayne Huguley
    • 41 years of law enforcement
    • Hatton Elementary