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Requirements to Become a Colbert County Sheriff's Deputy

An applicant to be eligible for appointment must:

  1. Be at least twenty-one years of age.
  2. Be certified by a Licensed Physician, designated by the Sheriff, as in good health and physically fit for the performance of the duties of a Law Enforcement Officer
  3. Have graduated and received a regular or advanced High School Diploma or its equivalent. A certificate of High School Equivalency (GED) is acceptable.
  4. Have computer skills necessary to operate a computer, enter data, and understand the operations of word processing.  Also, know how to prepare and save documents onto a computer or removable hard drive and download photos from cameras and use a removable computer drive (thumb drive etc).
  5. Be a citizen of the United States and a resident of the State of Alabama
  6. Have a current active Alabama driver's license.
  7. Be free from physical, emotional, or mental condition, which might adversely affect the performance of duties, determined by a physician's examination.
  8. Be of good moral character and reputation.
  9. Have no criminal record at all, except for minor traffic violations.
  10. Not, by reason of conscience or belief, be opposed to the use of force when appropriate or necessary to fulfill the required duties.
  11. Pass a civil service examination and be certified by that particular county's Civil Service Commission, where in effect.
  12. Meet all Alabama Peace Officers Standard and Training Requirements.
  13. Pass a rigid background investigation (not only the applicant, but also the immediate family including parents, grandparents, and siblings).

Application Process

Procedure for applying for different types of employment within our whole department (Jailer, Booking, Deputy, Administration etc):

  • Go by the Alabama State Employment Services Office at 500 South Montgomery Avenue in Sheffield, Alabama and pick up a Referral Form to bring to the Colbert County Sheriff's Office at 201 N. Main Street, Tuscumbia, Alabama
  • Pick up an Employment Application from the Sheriff's Office at the Courthouse.
  • Fill out the application and return it to the Sheriff's Office. You may be interviewed at the time of returning your application or asked to wait to be contacted at a later date.

Deputy: To go above and beyond the call of duty, to protect and serve our neighbors and community we love.